idetail is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and is part of the idec group of companies based in Brisbane, Australia. idetail has its origins as an in-house arm of idec, a company that specialises in the design, fabrication and erection of steel structures throughout Australia and internationally. In 2009 an independent company idetail Pty Ltd was formed in Christchurch by Peter Gartshore, taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge of the local staff. idetail is managed by a board of directors with Glenn Gibson as the Chief Executive Officer. Glenn is an engineer by profession and comes with extensive local and international experience in steel design & fabrication.

Operational personnel consist of 8 well experienced staff with the least having 10 years of practice behind them. Any one of them is capable of acting at project management level. Throughout their careers some have worked as structural designers, software training customisation and support technicians, field supervisors, and fabrication shop QA officers. We are able to consider the concerns of many different trades when performing our services, thereby easing and simplifying the work of our downstream colleagues.

We utilise Tekla Structures as our modelling software, Skype for screen sharing and conferencing and have access to a variety of tools for integration purposes. For our United States and Australian clients we provide a toll free number so you can talk to us from your office or mobile phone.